End Note bibliography style for the Annals of Human Genetics.

Annals of Human Genetics

It happened to me to submit a paper to the Annals of Human Genetics. I soon realized that EndNote styles did not include a voice for the journal, so I built it up with the Style Manager. Now that it's done, I would like to share it with other researchers, hoping that it will be useful for someone.

Calculation of Isonymic Relationship.

Ri (Relationship by Isonymy)

This is a simple R function to evaluate the relationship between two populations based on surname similarities. The .zip file includes the R function, a pdf help file and sample files. The function is based on the seminal paper by Lasker (1977). Similar functions, faster and more general than mine, can be found in the R package Biodem for biodemography. The only interesting feature of my implementation is that it allows to estimate confidence limits of the Ri distribution using a resampling technique. To use the function you must have R installed on your computer, and possibly you should be able to source and execute a function. If not, you can have a look here and learn how easy R is to use!

A genetic model for predicting mutations in mismatch-repair (MMR) genes.

AIFEG model

The AIFEG model is a genetic model for predicting mutations in mismatch repair genes based on family history of colorectal and endometrial cancer. The .zip file includes four files: the datafile.dat is the file in which the "AIFEG" genetic model is specified, testfam.pre is a dummy family, AIFEG model.rtf is a short and not exhaustive reference on how to perform the analyses, and Readme.rtf is a brief guide for setting up the analyses.